A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.19: Cross Country Trip, Kearney, NE


This episode (sponsored by Ript Apparel and Pabst Blue Ribbon) takes place in a car just outside of Kearney, Nebraska, during day 3 of my cross country road trip moving Mary and two small dogs from California to North Carolina. Mary is nearly 80-years-old and I have known her for all of my life and is basically my grandmother. Amongst the topics at hand are me trying to explain to her what a podcast is, what we think of the states we had driven through already, and the real highlight of the trip which was how we tried to get out of a speeding ticket! Grab yourself a cold one, sit back, relax, and enjoy episode 19!

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Here is that top shelf drink I had!

A Cold One w/the Cold One Ep.18: Double Dutch, San Francisco, CA

20140608_203704 Episode 18, sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, takes my friend Jellson and I into the Mission District of San Francisco to Double Dutch. Seriously this is one of the raddest bars I have ever gone to. The whole place is lined with boomboxes and fluorescent lit kicks hanging from the ceiling, this bar should be on everyones’ list to visit if ever in beautiful San Francisco! Download Podcast [6:12] 20140608_210606 Check out all the rad boomboxes!

A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.17: Players, San Francisco, CA


When friends come to visit from out of town, lets face it, you get stuck doing touristy stuff. Luckily for me, I had work during the morning so I got to skip seeing everything for the 100th time. My friends Jellson and his fiance Rovina (the one you keep hearing in the background maybe making a statement that she wants to be guest on her own episode) are in town and we hit up Players on Pier 39 in San Francisco to grab some food and drinks. Amongst the topics of conversation are touristy things, things wrapped in bacon, boom boom, and so much more packed into just under five and a half minutes! Grab a cold one and enjoy episode 17, brought to you by Pabst Blue Ribbon!

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A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.16: Blush, San Jose, CA


Had a few friends come out to my recent Wrestling For Charity show in San Jose to show support for me, The ALWAYS Dapper and Debonair Cold One AC, and of course when friends are in town after the wrestling show was over it was on to the after party, which took us to Blush, a sushi bar/club in San Jose! Joining me on this episode, brought to you by Pabst Blue Ribbon, is my friend Rael. Join us as we talk about our surroundings, comparing the fresh fish at the sushi bar, and me partaking in my very first sake bomb. SAKE BOMB! SAKE BOMB! SAKE BOMB!


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Here is a picture of my vegetable roll. HEY! It is better than me posting this food pic on my Instagram now isn’t it!



A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.8: The 2 a.m. Club, Mill Valley, CA

Superman or Batman? That is the question. My friend Venus is a big Superman fan while I am a Batman fan. We debated this topic over a beer at my grandfather’s drinking spot, the 2 a.m. Club in Mill Valley, California. Grab a cold drink, sit back, pick a side, and join in on the fun!

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And here is the picture I came across on my 21st birthday mid breaking the seal!

Grandfather pic

A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.2: The Kezar Pub, San Francisco, CA


This episode AC goes to the “Best In The Bay 2012: Sports Bar,” The Kezar Pub in SF and has a cold one with SF’s “Mr. Hockey” and super Detroit Red Wings fan John Madden of WhaddyaGonnaDoAboutIt Radio, who has brought along his 4-year-old son Thomson, while taking in some NHL Stanley Cup playoff hockey! This weeks topics include Thomson’s genius status, a resurgence of a celeb most wish stayed away from the spotlight forever, and hockey of course! Sit back and relax and have a cold one with The Cold One AC, won’t you!

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