A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.25: Fanny Anns Saloon, Sacramento, CA


If you were hoping for someone to bust my balls, you came to the right place! Episode 25, brought to you by RiptApparel.com and The Old Familiar Comb Company, features my very beautiful fiance the Ice Queen (her take on me being my name being “The Cold One AC”). Trust me, her nickname is fitting! Hahaha. She has never before ever wanted to go on air with me, but after I did an Irish car bomb with her, she opened up to the idea and let me press record! In this episode we went to Fanny Anns Saloon, a five-story bar in Old Town Sacramento. This bar is pretty rad with tons of stuff to look at all over the place, including a horse drawn carriage hanging from the ceiling! Do yourself a favor, crack open a cold one, sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to my beautiful fiance lay into me!

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See! Told you there was a carriage hanging from the ceiling! You should definitely check this bar out if you ever are in Old Town Sacramento!

A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.24: Free Gold Watch, San Francisco, CA


In Episode 24, brought to you by RiptApparel.com, I am joined by my friend John Madden at arguably the best pinball parlor in the Bay Area (and beyond) Free Gold Watch! It is quite the rad spot to get nostalgic as it has some of the best pinball games (Medieval Madness) and classic arcade games such as Ms Pac-Man to play. Seriously there is such a large collection here that if you are in the area, you are doing yourself a disservice is you don’t stop by. Join in on the fun by grabbing yourself a cold one and click play!

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See! We weren’t making it up!

A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.23: Finnegans Wake, San Francisco, CA


Episode 23 (brought to you by RIPTapparel.com) takes me and my friend Dom (Caesar Black) to the San Francisco bar Finnegans Wake located in Cole Valley and known for it’s bloody mary, so naturally I had to try it out! With us both being wrestling managers on the California scene and both being in the elite stink face club, we naturally had to talk about that! Don’t worry though. The conversation moved onto other interesting topics, such as Caesar being kept in the corner of the bar during football games for being a Raiders fan, as well as him sending his DNA away to Ancestry.com to find out his true heritage. There is even a possibility he could be Canadian. If he is though, I believe it is his duty to buy and wear a Canadian tuxedo (Jean jacket with matching denim jeans, with jean shirt). I’m just throwing it out there now! Anyways…grab yourself a nice refreshing cold one and crack that bad boy open and enjoy the show!

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In case you were wondering what the bloody mary I drank looked like, here you go!

A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.22: Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA


Episode 22, brought to you by RIPTapparel.com and Pabst Blue Ribbon, is here to please your ear holes! This is stop two of the day out with Kevin Gill and it takes us to a rad bar on Polk Street in San Francisco with fancy looks, and a musical history! I’m talking about the Hemlock Tavern! This bar/venue has had many smaller acts come through and play their stage and it is also where the Old Firm Casuals with Lars Frederiksen played their very first show! Here we chat it up about some of our favorite music, as well as some musicians we don’t feel we would normally be categorized as being a fan of! I also tell a fun story about my mom taking my favorite cassette tape away from me as a child. I’m not gonna give any spoilers. You just got to press play and listen for yourself!

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Told you it looks fancy on the inside and that there is a lot of wood! Also, here is proof that the Hemlock Tavern is a PBR hub in SF!


A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.21: Route 101, San Francisco, CA

What happens when the host of a top 50 podcast and the host of a top 10,000 podcast get together? Episode 21 of “A Cold One w/The Cold One” is what happens! In this episode, brought to you by RiptApparel.com, I am joined by my friend Kevin Gill, host of The Kevin Gill Show: Your PMA Power Hour! We chatted it up about so many things in this episode including his first time working with Rowdy Roddy Piper, my story about joining Rikishi’s stink face club, Necro Butcher, staying humble through it all, and of course keeping that PMA all day! Join us by grabbing yourself a cold one and pressing play! You won’t be disappointed!

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And in case you’re ever driving down Van Ness in SF and are trying to locate this bar, here is what it looks like from outside


A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.20: Carolina Ale House, Jacksonville, NC

Brotherly love…Tis quite magical. Episode 20 (brought to you by RiptApparel.com) is filled with just that. Magical Brotherly Love! In this episode, I am joined by my baby brother Andy and we share our first drinks together at the Carolina Ale House in Jacksonville, North Carolina! Amongst the topics are comparing what the number one songs in the country were when we escaped the womb for the sake of showing just how much older than him I am, my policy on playing games with him when he was growing up, and my all around dominance over him because I am the older alpha brother! Oh brotherly love! Tis a beautiful thing! Grab yourself a cold one, and enjoy magical episode 20!

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A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.19: Cross Country Trip, Kearney, NE


This episode (sponsored by Ript Apparel and Pabst Blue Ribbon) takes place in a car just outside of Kearney, Nebraska, during day 3 of my cross country road trip moving Mary and two small dogs from California to North Carolina. Mary is nearly 80-years-old and I have known her for all of my life and is basically my grandmother. Amongst the topics at hand are me trying to explain to her what a podcast is, what we think of the states we had driven through already, and the real highlight of the trip which was how we tried to get out of a speeding ticket! Grab yourself a cold one, sit back, relax, and enjoy episode 19!

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Here is that top shelf drink I had!