A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.39: Fogbelt Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, CA


I have a cousin (Kris) that likes to drink and is also very nervous of public speaking/being recorded. Being the best, nicest cousin that I am, I decided to catch him off guard and record an episode of “A Cold One w/The Cold One” with him at his favorite drinking spot, Fogbelt Brewing Company in Santa Rosa, California. Naturally once he realized what was going on he wasn’t all that excited. Good thing he had his best friend Michael (or Jeremy, or Jerome, or whatever his name really is) there with him to fill in for him once he froze up! Crack open a cold one and enjoy episode 39 (brought to you by RiptApparel.com and Opie’s Gourmet STACKED Burgers)!!


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A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.38: Joe’s Taco Lounge, Mill Valley, CA

The Cold One AC

After stopping by The 2am Club, my friend Chris and I decided to go next door to Joe’s Taco Lounge to sober up some and get some food. Episode 38 of A Cold One w/The Cold One (Brought to you by Opie’s Gourmet STACKED Burgers and RiptApparel.com) was then drunkenly recorded over a couple Negra Modelos. We chatted it up quite a bit about various topics and then for some reason Chris decided to tell me the origin of the song “Turn Up On A Tuesday” (according to Sana G from KMEL). Who knows if it is true or not. Good times. Crack open a cold one, press play, and join in on the fun.


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A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.36: 21st Amendment, San Francisco, CA


The first stop on the Ice Queen and Cold One weekend brewery adventure (aka Episode 36 of A Cold One w/The Cold One brought to you by RiptApparel.com) landed us at 21st Amendment in San Francisco! This place serves great brews and great food! Also, it is always interesting having the wifey on the show with me as she never ceases to entertain and give me a hard time, this time about my eating habits! Crack open a cold one and join in on the fun and have yourself a listen!

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A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.35: Black Hammer Brewing, San Francisco, CA


While walking to the San Francisco Giants game on a quite hot evening in the city The Ice Queen, her coworker Austin, and myself came across Black Hammer Brewing like a watering hole in a dessert oasis, so naturally we stopped for a drink and to record episode 35 (Brought to you by Ript Apparel and Beard King)! Did we like our random brewery find? You just got to listen to find out. Also to hear what Austin compares his beer to. Tis quite random, and entertaining!

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A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.34: The Blind Rabbit, Anaheim, CA


For episode 34 (Brought to you by Opies GSB and Ript Apparel) my brother-in-law took me to a secret little speakeasy bar in Anaheim at the Anaheim Packing District called The Blind Rabbit! This was my very first trip ever into any speakeasy, and it was a lot of fun to find and enjoy a classic drink at. The drink Gerryme had actually took a lot of work and legit science to prepare, and the drink I had came from a 120 year old recipe! Do yourself a favor and listen easy to this episode inside the speakeasy The Blind Rabbit!

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