A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.36: 21st Amendment, San Francisco, CA


The first stop on the Ice Queen and Cold One weekend brewery adventure (aka Episode 36 of A Cold One w/The Cold One brought to you by RiptApparel.com) landed us at 21st Amendment in San Francisco! This place serves great brews and great food! Also, it is always interesting having the wifey on the show with me as she never ceases to entertain and give me a hard time, this time about my eating habits! Crack open a cold one and join in on the fun and have yourself a listen!

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A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.33: Petco Park, San Diego, CA


For episode 33 (brought to you by Opie’s Gourmet STACKED Burgers) I traveled down to San Diego to Petco Park (or as I like to call it South San Francisco because of how there are always more Giants fans there than Padres fans) for a division rivalry game pitting the beloved defending world champion San Francisco Giants versus the meh San Diego Padres! This was my first time ever in this stadium and there was a lot to see there, including their beer garden and the numerous food spots attached to the stadium! Derek, a long time friend of the Ice Queen (my wife), joins me for this episode, and the ballgame. Grab yourself a cold one, crack it open, and enjoy this brand new episode!

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A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.32: Mamma Mia, San Diego, CA


Mamma Mia in San Diego, Pacific Beach to be exact, is the destination for Episode 32 (brought to you by Branded Screen Printing and RiptApparel.com)! I’m joined by my friend Joe, at the pizza table, at the engagement party for our friends (there is also a pasta table, where my wife, the Ice Queen is sitting). A lot is crammed into this short conversation including talking about his first time playing the drinking game Landmines, my wife’s current beef with him, all the random food coming our way, and so much more all while I try to pawn my beer off onto somebody else. Grab yourself a cold one and join in on the fun!

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A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.30: Chomp N’ Swig, San Francisco, CA


For episode 30, brought to you by RiptApparel.com, I decided to do something I rarely do; do the episode with someone I have never met in person! The stranger this time is Gordon, the Northern California beer rep for the Coronado Brewing Company! I gave him free reign on where to meet and he chose the rad, small bar and restaurant Chomp N’ Swig in San Francisco! We chatted it up about numerous topics, from sports, to categories of brewing companies, Jack In The Box munchie meals, the World Beer Cup, and of course some drinking stories! Do yourself a favor and grab a cold one and enjoy Episode 30!

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A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.29: Mangos Taqueria and Cantina, San Francisco, CA


I’m Back with Episode 29 (brought to you by RiptApparel.com)! My wedding just wrapped up and I still had some family and friends in town that wanted to take in the sites of the Bay Area. One of the main touristy stops that we generally take people to is Pier 39 in San Francisco. While on the pier we decided to go beer hunting and came across Mangos Taqueria and Cantina, and we got adventurous trying drinks that we have never tried before; Indio Beer and Micheladas! In this episode Heather and I chat it up about numerous topics including the new tourist attraction The San Francisco Dungeon, beer, other touristy stuff, and yeah….BEER! Go ahead, hit play, and make your ear holes happy!

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A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.28: Kona Brewing Company, Honolulu, HI


A trip to Hawaii is not complete without a visit to arguably the number one brewery in the state, and so we went to the Kona Brewing Company for Episode 28 (brought to you by Beardhead.com and RiptApparel.com). Joining me this episode is the mother of my soon to be born nephew, Cynthia! Naturally we talked about our day out at Hanauma Bay, potential baby names, and Cynthia gets to stand by and watch me drink all of my delicious beer while she is reduced to drinking milkshake!

As an added bonus, when you check out our sponsor Beardhead.com use promo code COLDAC at checkout to save an additional 25% off your entire purchase!!!

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A Cold One w/The Cold One Ep.27: Paradise Cove Luau, Kapolei, HI


The whole reason for this Hawaiian vacation is to celebrate my future mother-in-law Doris’ birthday, and in Episode 27 (sponsored by Ript Apparel and Moose Stache Wax) that is exactly what we are doing! No first time vacation to Hawaii is complete without attending a luau, so we decided to take Doris to the west coast of Oahu to the Paradise Cove Luau in Kapolei! In this episode we talk about some of the vacation highlights including our impromptu making of a music video to Nicki Minaj’s song “Anaconda.” I also tell the story of when the Ice Queen and I met the super diva. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a nice tropical drink (or a beer of course) and take in the luau experience with us and hit play!

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